This Nana Addo-led Government is impotent – William Boadi, EAI


Candidly speaking, Nana Addo-led government is beyond super incompetent.

President Nana Addo appointed more than necessary ministers and deputies 120 in history but the majority are good for nothing as the country’s economic growth is concerned.

Now, on the issue of the corruption fight, the president created the office of the special prosecutor and appointed Martin Alamisi Amidu to spearhead the course but in the end, he resigned due to many negative manipulations from the presidency. Some of them were lack of funds and human resources to deliver, standard facilities, and massive interference.

President Nana Addo promised to use the ace journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas’s corruption fight documentary as a blueprint to end corruption in his government.

Unfortunately, today our President has forgotten his corruption fight pledge and rather defending those tipped for investigation.

He recently proclaimed that the Akonta mining company which is allegedly involved in illegal mining (Galamsey) is clean and his statement alone tells that the Special Prosecutor can’t do anything about this issue of national interest.

It is very clear that the president is impotent and can never fulfil the corruption fight vows.

However, the special prosecutor office is for a show and would run the country into debts.

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