Let Wisdom Lead You At The Jubilee House, Please – William Boadi, EAI



What happened at the Jubilee House depicts a lack of knowledge – William Boadi, EAI

Dear countrymen, we let the President know that the Jubilee House belongs to Ghana and not Nana Addo and his family. He is only there serving as a president.

There’s no way the White House in the United States of America would allow any music artists or just a stranger to visit and do videos. I don’t want to mention any names.

This is just an American rapper like the street rappers in Ghana and he was given a unique protocol to downgrade our Presidency?

Honestly, those in the Jubilee house have failed. Where were the president, Vice President, and Chief of Staff? Where were those fine-educated political figures working in the Jubilee house? Where were the security and protocol apparatus?

This tells the weakness of those so-called educated leaders. We have gone too low. Watch the video at the below link.


So are guided by common regulations?


William Boadi
CEO of EAI, Educationist, Journalist, Socialist, and motivational speaker.

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