Chiefs accuse NPP E/R, first vice chairman of interference in Yilo Krobo chieftaincy matters, violence


Chiefs accuse NPP E/R, first vice chairman of interference in Yilo Krobo chieftaincy matters, violence,

The Yilo Krobo Traditional Area, Nene Nanekey Terkpertey Ofori Agor lX.

Divisional Chief of Okper in the Yilo Krobo Traditional Area of the Eastern Region has launched scathing allegations of interference against the Eastern Regional First Vice Chairman of the ruling NPP in the raging chieftaincy dispute in the Yilo Krobo Traditional Area as well as instigating and leading acts of thuggery and attacks on opposing chieftaincy factions.

Accusing Mr. Twum Barimah Koranteng of “disintegrating, destroying, tearing apart and ravaging” Yilo Krobo, Nene Nanekey Terkpertey Ofori Agor IX at a press conference at Somanya on Sunday, January 30th, 2023 said the NPP first vice chairman was holding the people of Somanya hostage and thereby depriving the municipal of its much-needed development.

“He is really doing great harm to our land and people… he has labelled himself as Somanya champion and he is really misbehaving and infiltrating into very sensitive areas within Yilo Klo,” noted parts of a statement read by the chief at the press conference.”

Citing various incidents allegedly perpetrated by Mr. Barimah, Nene Nanekey accused the politician of being the mastermind behind an attack on the youth of Yilo krobo on 15th November 2021 which led to four persons being injured.

The chief also alleged that the regional first vice chairman days ago sponsored some traditional leaders to invade Okperpiem where they attempted to install Asafoatse, Asafoatse Manye and some youth leaders within the enclave.

He blamed the continuous acts of lawlessness on the Somanya police who have failed to act on the numerous complaints reported to them pertaining to these incidents.

Also accusing him of instigating clashes in some chieftaincy issues in Yilo Krobo despite not being an indigene of the area, Nene Agor said, “Twum Barimah Koranteng is the brain behind the Konor chieftaincy problems at Sra. He has money to sponsor the illegality and forcing his preferred choices on the unsuspecting people of Yilo Krobo as traditional leaders.”

The traditional leader also called on indigenes of Yilo Krobo not to allow themselves to be divided by the actions of persons he called “outsiders”.

He also cautioned Mr. Twum Barimah “to send his activities out of Krobo chieftaincy problems,” and “stop infiltrating into places that he’s not needed.”

Nene Terpertey Agor threatened to organize a demonstration against the politician if he did not put a stop to his illegitimate activities in the Okper area.

The spoke person and communication officer for
Mr. Twum Barimah Koranteng, mr.Teye Agor respond to condemn the allegations comment
on the grounds.

mr Teye Agor.said, as a pollice officer and a Lawyer we expect Nene Terkpertey to follow due process by initiating legal processes to deal with all of the claims he is making.

we want to put it on record that the people of Yilo klo are proud of Dr. Twum, they love and cherish him for the immense and numerous supports he has been giving to the npp party in Yilo krobo.

for more call
Nanekey Terpertey OFORI Agor lX

Mr Twum Berimah koranteng Npp E/R first vice chariman.

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