American security is seen searching their Ghanaian counterparts – Mansa Musa


There’s a video clip circulating in the usual places.
The video shows American security (secret service personnel who traveled with the US vice president or maybe they live here with us permanently) searching(part down)their Ghanaian counterparts. Well, in Ghana and public.
What I want to know is that, is this the new thing, a new security protocol? In any case, why wasn’t this done in-house? Why was it done in public, in broad daylight?

Can someone explain to Ghanaians. Ah! E hard ooo.

What I know about these things is that when a VIP travels with armed security personnel, the host nation is provided with all infos about how many armed and unarmed* security details are. The type of weapons carried by the guests’ security details and how many rounds(ammunition, bullets) etc etc etc etc. Proper exposure by visiting security to the host is all done in the quiet, behind security walls. So why such humiliation. Aww! Ghana, chaiii.

Mansa Musa, ah! Osagyefo’s Ghana, I want to throw in the towel, just like Akufo Addo has done and encourage homos( trumu trumu ) people to shag each other in public, maybe at the Black Star Square. Don’t you agree?

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