Now, The Realization Has Dawned On Me – Mansa Musa


Now, the realization has dawned on me. American Marines can go anywhere in Ghana, but nana Addo says he does not know if there are terrorist cells in Ghana or not. Hmm…. mansa musa writes ✍️

2017 Ghana’s sovereign security architecture and its management and control was passed over to the Americans by President Akufo and for a reported 10 million US dollars. We all remember that led to the arrest and incarceration of comfortable lead man koku Ayidaho because he spoke too much for Akufo Addo’s liking. When he got released, he quickly became a convert member of Team Akufo Addo(but that is for another discussion, another time).

The arrangement and agreement in that sellout was for the Americans’ eligibility to go anywhere and everywhere in Ghana in pursuit of America’s foreign security interests. American security personnel can enter anywhere in Ghana with their US driving licence. That not being enough degradation for our security and sovereignty, the government of Akufo Addo began the wholesale recruitment of local npp vigilante groups into various security institutions.

The Americans know this, so what went on at the airport security zones, where we saw American security agents bodysearching(part down) our Ghanaian quasi-security personnel, the Americans just carried out a duty of making sure that the ragtag mediocrity of locally assembled, so-called security personnel would not venture anywhere near their lovely Kamala.

The more serious stuff to emerge during Lovely Kamala’s visitation is what Akufo Addo said during the press briefing, which seems to have escaped our attention. He told us Ghanaians and everyone that he, the president, does not know if there were terrorist cells in Ghana or not. This, I think, should be a worry. One would’ve thought that whatever the American Marines are doing in Ghana, they would give our president some small small updates and feedbacks or e no be so?

Ladies and gentlemen, we are still getting more of a State Of Nation, which didn’t appear in the previous Address by Nana Addo. Yeah, it has dawned on me. Sad!

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