The economic condition of Ghanaians keeps worsening, especially the taxpayer


This is Ghana.

Widening the tax net and the factor of moving from taxation to production, Nana Addo and Bawumia cluelessness.

Peoples Inusah writes.

The economic condition of Ghanaians keeps worsening, especially the taxpayer.

I thought Nana Addo and Bawumia understood the statement widening the tax net, but little did Ghanaians know that Nana Addo and Bawumia were making empty and unnecessary noise about moving the economy from taxation to production.

Where is the production, is it the gala may of the jubilee house, the thievery of covid funds, the looting of state resources, or the elephant size of the Akufo Addo /Bawumia administration?

How does IMF saddenly became the saviour of Ghana, when Bawumia the so called economic messiah and the one who worked at the Bank of Ghana and know where the money is, the man we were told he is an economist and has worked in so many Africa banks has saddenly turned a communications and network expert, a profession we were not told.

The economy of Ghana has become so bad such that, even we are begging and struggling to get a simple IMF loan, we have chopped the future generation’s money including pensioners money, Akufo Addo , Ken Ofori Atta and Bawumia have no shame and so heartless to the old age of this country who served so much and well, holding on to their investment.

Akufo Addo and Bawumia who promised moving Ghana from taxation to production ended up, taxing Ghanaians on covid they got so much money from, double taxing our incomes through E levy, increase of VAT and other existing taxes.

Those calling and supporting Bawumia to become president, is it that they are so insensitive, heartless or they are ignorant about the failure of Bawumia, is the exchange rate exposing Bawumia, is the fundamentals of the economy speaking well of Bawumia or exposing his emptiness in economics we were told he is the messiah?.

How can a government that understands the statement – widening the tax net be increasing taxes instead bringing in those who do not pay to pay, they rather increase the tax rates.

Ghana indeed is governed by the NATO government.
Speaking from the corridors of the great People’s National Convention, PNC.
It shall be well.

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