LAZY GOV’T. You Have Planned To Take a 10% Tax From Bet Winners, How Much Are You Going To Pay To Subsidize The Losers? – William Boadi, EAI


LAZY GOV’T. You have planned to take a 10% tax from bet winners, how much are you going to pay to support the losers Since You Have Failed To Fulfill The Dubious Job Promises? – William Boadi, EAI.

Candidly, the government is just wicked because the so-called men have refused to create jobs for the youth and they have maneuvered to find their ways to survive through betting. Why is the government trying to tax the earnings meanwhile, they are not using government funds to stake?

In 2016, the Presidential candidate of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akuffo Addo, said the key focus of the NPP government when voted into power will be to create jobs for the Ghanaian youth.

According to him, his government will be seeking to implement policies that will help the agricultural, manufacturing and the private sector flourish and thereby create jobs for the youth.

What has happened now?

The NPP flag-bearer made these comments whilst addressing a rally in the Adansi Asokwa in the Ashanti Region.

How far wwith the NABCO?

Nana Addo said and NPP government will invest into the agricultural sector, since it is the back bone of the Ghanaian economy.


Now, apart from the numerous job promises the government couldn’t fulfill. and 18 failed promises of President Nana Addo are hiding behind.

Below are 18 of the 18 failed promises of Nana Addo the NPP wants to hide

1. I Shall protect the Public Purse -FAILED
2. I am too old to steal your money, I have my money already… – FAILED
3. Yɛte sikas no ɛkɔm de yɛn… – Hmmm true!
4. Try me and see – FAILED
5. I am not corrupt and will never be corrupt. – FAILED
6. I can develop Ghana without borrowing, the money is here. – FAILED
7. I will transform Ghana in 18 months. – FAILED
8. I will not operate a family and friends government. – FAILED
9. I will fight corruption with the Anas principle. – FAILED
10. I will make the Korle Lagoon and Odo River a tourist site. – FAILED
11. I will build a factory in every district. – FAILED
12. I will give each constituency $1m every year. – FAILED
13. I will arrest the dollar. – FAILED
14. The hikes in fuel prices will be a thing of the past. – FAILED
15. I will make Accra the cleanest city in Africa – FAILED
16. I will build 111 hospitals in 18 months. – FAILED
17. I will build 350 Secondary Schools. – FAILED
18. We will never go to the IMF for a bailout. – FAILED

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