IMF staff visits Ghana to monitor stimulus package


A staff mission from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is due to arrive in Ghana today (Wednesday 7 June) to assess the progress of Ghana’s stimulus package.

The visit marks the IMF’s first review since it approved Ghana’s $3 billion bailout package on May 17. An initial disbursement of $600 million has been made under approved arrangements, with further disbursements expected to be made every six months based on program evaluations conducted by the IMF’s Executive Board.

During the week-long visit, key institutions such as the Bank of Ghana, the Ministry of Finance and other relevant stakeholders will discuss how to move forward.

The purpose of these engagements is to assess the implementation of Ghana’s economic stimulus package and determine the effectiveness of measures to address economic challenges.

The IMF plays a key role in helping member countries experiencing economic difficulties by providing financial support, policy advice and technical expertise.

The Economic Recovery Plan aims to strengthen Ghana’s economy, promote fiscal discipline, increase financial sector stability and promote sustainable economic growth.

Ghana’s engagement with the IMF reflects its commitment to implementing sound economic policies and reforms to address macroeconomic imbalances and promote long-term stability. / SOKY TV / Ghana

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