20 Most Profitable Food Businesses in the World


20 Most Profitable Food Businesses in the World

  1. Grocery Stores
    Profit Margin Estimate: 2%

Grocery stores are some of the most common establishments that you’re likely to find. They range from supergiants such as Walmart Inc. (NYSE:WMT) to small mom-and-pop stores.

  1. Café
    Profit Margin Estimate: 2.5%

A café is a popular establishment for people looking to enjoy their lunch break, meet up with friends, or simply get outside the house to maybe get some work done in a different environment.

  1. Fine Dining
    Profit Margin Estimate: 4%

Fine dining establishments are a step above fast-food restaurants and cafes. They often have a long waiting list and revolve around creating an ambiance-filled environment to eat food alongside specialized delicacies.

  1. Food Truck
    Profit Margin Estimate: 5.5%

A food truck is the opposite of fine dining. You can catch them anywhere, and a great advantage of them is that they can be moved around to accommodate areas with high demand such as festivals and rallies.

  1. Baked Goods
    Profit Margin Estimate: 5.5%

Baked goods are some of the most scrumptious treats that anyone can enjoy. Whether it’s a cake, a doughnut, or biscuits, plenty of demand is always there for all kinds of products.

  1. Alcoholic Beverages
    Profit Margin Estimate: 5.76%

Alcoholic beverages cover drinks such as wine, spirits, and beer. They are often located in regions with suitable climatic and agricultural conditions, such as California.

  1. Candy Stores
    Profit Margin Estimate: 6.5%

Candy stores are naturally one of the most popular destinations for children.

  1. Organic Food
    Profit Margin Estimate: 6.5%

The health worries of eating artificial foods or food grown with the help of additives have led to a growth in the demand for completely naturally grown products that are free from artificial additives.

  1. Fast Food
    Profit Margin Estimate: 6.5%

Fast food is for people on the go who need to eat fast and get back to their jobs or other commitments. Some of the biggest food companies in the world are fast food companies.

  1. Catering
    Profit Margin Estimate: 7%

Catering is a management-intense business that requires close contact with the customer and strict control over the workforce to ensure a healthy brand image.

  1. Tea Brand
    Profit Margin Estimate: 7.5%

While most people prefer coffee as their go-to hot beverage, tea is quite popular among health-conscious users and those that want to go caffeine free.

  1. Ice Cream Shop
    Profit Margin Estimate: 11%

An ice cream shop is self-explanatory. It’ll do well in the summers, and all year around if kids were to have their way.

  1. Fruit Juice
    Profit Margin Estimate: 14%

Another growing trend, particularly among young people, is fruit juice due to its health benefit and myriad of different tastes and flavors.

  1. Baby Food
    Profit Margin Estimate: 14%

Baby food allows babies to have the necessary set of nutrients for growth and development in a convenient package.

  1. Pizza
    Profit Margin Estimate: 15%

While originally from Italy, Pizza is now a global phenomenon.

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