Dark Chocolate Does This To Your Body


Dark Chocolate Does This To Uour Body

Best Place to Buy: Whole Foods Market Foods
Avg. Price: $2 per bar*
Benefits: Heart health, anti-aging.

When the cocoa content exceeds 70%, chocolate becomes a health food rather than a dessert. First of all, cocoa powder is extremely rich in antioxidants and helps our body fight against cell aging and inflammation. In addition, dark chocolate is highly involved in covering our daily needs in potassium, an electrolyte important for kidney function.

Dark chocolate is also considered good for the heart, as it has a protective and preventive effect against cardiovascular diseases. According to studies, this is due to the presence of flavonoids that have an anti-inflammatory effect and have the ability to improve sensitivity to insulin or prevent the formation of blood clots. Studies also show that cocoa flavonoids would also help to improve the elasticity of blood vessels and thus reduce blood pressure.

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