Is It Safe To Refrigerate Leftover Rice? Tips To Note


Is it safe to refrigerate leftover rice? Tips to note

Storing leftover rice properly is important as it may otherwise cause food poisoning and many other health problems. If you are storing the rice in fridge, make sure that it is stored in an air tight container.

The rice would stay fresh for up to 3 -4 days if they are cooked at the right temperature. The boiled rice should be stored at five degree Celsius or below it.

Moreover, make sure that the rice is reheated nicely before consuming it.

Even though the rice has been stored in fridge, if it is not heated properly, the rice could become a breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria cannot be destroyed by just heating up the cold rice. Consuming rice that was not stored in the right temperature may cause diarrhoea and vomiting. Make sure that the cooked rice has completely cooled down before keeping it in fridge.

How to recognize stale rice
Rice is a food item that contains carbohydrates. Food items that contain carbohydrates could easily become a breeding ground for bacteria. Dry rice grains, mouldy grains, foul smell and discolouration are some of the indicators of stale rice. Besides, rice may have been spoilt if you find any insects in the container in which the rice is stored.


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