5 Ways to Find Your Hidden Talents. Must Read and Act Now!


5 Ways to Find Your Hidden Talents

As adults, many of us feel we know what we’re good (and not so good) at. But the truth is we all have hidden talents—the skills we possess that we never knew we had. We’re just not always so adept at identifying what they are. Sometimes they can be right in front of us, and we miss them.

If you can determine strengths that have been lying dormant, you can tap into what may be an amazing resource that helps you in different aspects of your life, including your business. Whether you are searching for the perfect type of business to open or you want to find ways to grow the one you have, you may find the answer in your hidden talents.

If you ask 10 different people what their hidden talents are, you are bound to get a variety of responses. Many will say they don’t know or don’t have any. This is because people are often too close to what is going on for them to notice their natural abilities. So, these skills go unnoticed and untapped, for years!

So, how do you figure out your talents? It’s much easier than you may realize. Here are 5 simple ways to find your hidden talents

  1. Ask questions and listen to the answers.
    One of the best ways to find your hidden talents is to ask the people around you. Your family, friends, and coworkers will know you best and can easily point out some of your strengths even when you can’t see them. If you think about it, people have likely been telling you what you’re good at for some time. You probably just weren’t listening. So, now is the time to open your ears.

Ask the people that you believe will provide you with honest feedback on what they think your hidden talents are. You can ask them to give you one or two things they think you are hands-down most talented at and compile the results into a list. These may be some of your hidden talents.

  1. Figure out what skills are easy for you.
    Are there things that you find extremely easy to do while others may struggle or muddle their way through? If completing certain tasks feels like a cakewalk for you, they may be your hidden talents. You may be great at organizing and managing projects while your coworkers have a hard time checking off their to-do lists. Maybe you’re quick with brainstorming new ideas for marketing your company’s products. Reflect on what skills come easiest to you and you’ll be surprised to find how talented you are.
  2. Consider what you enjoy doing the most.
    Your hidden talents may demonstrate themselves in other ways. Think about what you enjoy doing the most in your free time. If you are drawn toward it, it may be a hidden talent. Do you enjoy socializing and talking to large groups of people? Public speaking may be a hidden talent of yours.
  3. Do something outside your comfort zone.
    One way to figure out your hidden talent is to do something outside of your comfort zone. Your hidden talents can reside in the most unpredictable places and it’s up to you to find them. You can try teaching a course in a subject you’re knowledgeable in, designing a flyer for an event, offering to lead a presentation, or managing an upcoming project. When you put yourself in an unfamiliar position, you can learn where your strengths and weaknesses are and build from there.
  4. Follow your money.
    Where you spend your money can be a clue to finding your hidden talents. For example, if you spend most of your discretionary income on fitness and wellness, perhaps you’d be talented in teaching others those skills. Spending a lot on gardening supplies? Maybe nurturing plants is a hidden talent. Simply writing down where you spend money each month can expose potential areas of hidden talent.

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