Indiscipline In Our Schools, We Are All Contributors. Let’s Sit Up – William Boadi, EAI


In indiscipline in our schools, we are all contributors. Let’s sit up – William Boadi, EAI

The rising unbridled poor discipline in our schools does not marvel me because we all contributed to it right from head to toe.

I remember that during our time, teachers were the most powerful in our schools and that shaped learners” behavior. In terms of serious studies and character training, they played major roles until the government through the
Ghana Education Service (GES) banned corporal punishment in schools and warned teachers to apply other discipline toolkits. Since then, learners do not regard their teachers and school rules and regulations are like rags for them. They always do what pleases them.

Many Parents nowadays do intrude on school premises and rain insults on the teacher who punishes their wards for wrong acts. Also, society has lost focus on a decent lifestyle. These kids also emulate what they see because the environment has an 80% influence. Garbage in, garbage out.

Churches are preaching wealth instead of moral values. We must shift from the bad way to ensure sanity.

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