Ghana First Coalition Inaugurates National Executive Committee


The Ghana First Coalition (GFC) – a non-partisan organization dedicated to the promotion of an agenda of reform, good governance, and transparency in Ghana has officially inaugurated its 21-member National Executive Committee to steer its affairs. The event took place at an impressive ceremony on Sunday, August 20, 2023, at the premises of the City of God Church Centre in Accra.

The GFC intends to play a crucial role in promoting good governance in Ghana by adopting the check and balance approach to the government’s actions and inactions and advocating for transparency, accountability, and citizenship participation in decision-making processes, among others.

Board Chairman of the Coalition – Bishop Samuel Noi Mensah, said the GFC is going to ensure that the government’s policies and initiatives become responsive to the needs and concerns of the citizenry.

“We at GFC believe that Good governance, in turn, ensures effective and transparent institutions, the rule of law, fairness, and the protection of human rights. GFC will foster an environment where resources are managed efficiently, and corruption is minimized while contributing to social and economic development.

“…As a civil society, GFC will add a loud relevant voice to promote democracy, social cohesion, and progress,” he stated.

He said the Ghana First Coalition stands ready to support and collaborate with the government and other stakeholders in promoting good governance, transparency, and accountability in Ghana.

“Together, let us work towards building a prosperous nation rooted in integrity and public trust”.

Outlining the mission and vision of the GFC, a Board Member – Dr. Jacob Osei Yeboah said the Coalition will work closely and collectively with other partner non-governmental organizations, civil society groups, and individuals to address the various issues, including human rights, environment, corruption, and democracy.

“Together, we shall put any government in power in check and will provide a platform for diverse voices, and contribute to policy discussions and advocacy for positive change. This, we believe, would help bridge gaps between citizens and institutions, fostering a more inclusive and participatory society,” Dr Osei Yeboah stated.

He underscored the role of civil society in good governance as crucial and multifaceted, adding that they will court the support of the government and the private sector to work collectively to promote the interests and well-being of Ghanaians.

The 21-member NEC of the GFC is chaired by Dr John Kpikpi. In his acceptance speech, he promised to lead a forceful team that would change the duopoly political system in Ghana.

“The NDC and the NPP don’t have any meaningful vision for Ghana, else they would not have supervised the collapse of the Ghanaian economy. The GFC is the alternative force that will position Ghana to reclaim its past glory,” he stated.

What is GFC?

The Ghana First Coalition for Reform (GFC) consists of groups of civil society organizations in Ghana.

It shall represent the said groups under the overarching federation of Ghana First Coalition for Reform and partner with Ghana’s Electoral Commission to promote equity in the discharge of its responsibilities to promote democracy for good governance in Ghana.

The constitution of the association shall promote and improve the relationship between Independent Political Thinkers, Non-Partisan Political Activists, Independent Presidential/Parliamentary Aspirants, and Associate Member Organizations to consolidate their collective efforts into a united front, and shall function as a political coalition that seeks the mandate to implement the objectives of the People’s Charter.

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