Double-track System Is Detrimental To S.H.S. The Government Must Rethink – Educate Africa Institute (EAI)


🚩Double-track System Is Detrimental To S.H.S. The Government Must Rethink – Educate Africa Institute (EAI)

The Executive Director of Educate Africa Institute (EAI) William Boadi has called on the government agencies in charge of education (MoE and GES) to review and halt the double-track system. It is dangerous to the second-cycle level of the educational system so it is time to reset the academic calendar to trimester as proposed by the NAGRAT.Look, the double-track educational system, often implemented to address overcrowding in schools, can have some negative effects, including:

1. Quality of Education: Splitting students into two tracks can sometimes lead to a reduced quality of education. Teachers may have to rush through curriculum content, and students in one track may receive less attention and support.

2. Learning Inconsistencies: Students on different tracks may not cover the same material at the same time, leading to disparities in learning outcomes. This can make it challenging for students to switch between tracks or for teachers to maintain consistent standards.

3. Limited Extracurricular Participation: Double-track systems can limit students’ participation in extracurricular activities, as their schedules may not align with club meetings or sports events to adapt their teaching styles to accommodate different tracks, potentially affecting their overall effectiveness.

6. Impact on Family Life: Double-track systems can disrupt family life, as siblings may be on different tracks with varying school schedules, making it challenging for parents to coordinate their children’s education.

7. Resource Allocation: Implementing double-track systems may divert resources away from addressing the root causes of overcrowding, such as building more schools or hiring additional teachers. It’s important to note that the effectiveness and impact of a double-track system can vary depending on its implementation, the specific educational context, and the measures taken to mitigate these negative effects. We are one people. Ghana first!


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