You shall incur curse and wrath of God if you misuse public funds – Man of God declares


Prophet Prince Ofori, Headpastor of Pillar of Judah Ministry in Berekum of the Bono region has emphasized that people holding public offices and other public servants directly bring upon themselves the wrath of Gods and curse for the misuse of public funds for the development of the interest of the masses.

Speaking to newsmen during the climax of a 7 Days PURIM conference at the Church Premises at Berekum with a Theme: “Back to sender”, the man of God indicated that we account for all our deeds whether good or bad hence when public office holders misuse and abuse funds that are released to be used to address the problems of the general public, it becomes a scourge and generational curse and also bring upon them a serious wrath of God.

Some of the Church members speaking to Angel news underscored the need for public officers to ensure equity and faithful use of funds designated to be used for the development of the general public.

They explained that when public offices are mishandled, the consequences negatively affect the said office holders and their generations hence the need for people to be wary of how they misapply monies meant to cater for the general public.

They finally uttered words of cautions to politicians to ensure the rightful usage of public funds to avoid these wrath of God that comes to them many forms.

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