The application of artificial eyelashes may result in these harmful effects on your eyes


Adding artificial eyelashes, such as eyelash extensions or false lashes, can have some side effects, including:

1. Eye Irritation: Glues or adhesives used to attach artificial lashes may cause irritation, redness, or itching in the eyes.

2. Allergic Reactions: Some people may be allergic to the adhesives or materials in false lashes, leading to redness, swelling, or discomfort.

3. Damage to Natural Lashes: Overuse or improper removal of false lashes can damage your natural eyelashes, making them thinner or more fragile.

4. Eye Infections: Poor hygiene or contaminated tools can lead to eye infections, such as conjunctivitis or styes.

5. Weight on Eyelids: Heavy or long extensions can put extra weight on your natural lashes, potentially causing strain or drooping.

6. Difficulty Removing: Removing false lashes incorrectly can lead to pulling out natural lashes or causing damage to the eyelid skin.

To minimize these side effects, it’s important to have false lashes applied by a trained professional, follow aftercare instructions, and be cautious with the products and adhesives used. If you experience severe or prolonged discomfort, consult with an eye specialist.

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