The Great Opportunity We Missed in 1963 is Here with Us Again


The Great Opportunity We Missed in 1963 is Here with Us Again In 1963 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Kwame Nkrumah appealed for our future and said; “we needed a United Africa”. Unfortunately, we had some individuals who thought more of their selfish interests than our common future, and these individuals were in power positions presenting themselves as our leaders. More unfortunately, this collection of selfish men was in the majority; so we came out of that meeting with a divided Africa along the boundaries set by our colonizers, exploiters, and our long-known enemies. That was the birth of the toothless OAU which had to change its name to AU because the owners and financiers, EEC had changed its name to EU. Yes, the AU is an institution composed of big errand boys who do not believe in themselves and cannot think about unity, cooperation, and service to one another. Whenever there is a meeting for the AU it is seen that we are one in the auditorium, but after the meeting, we all belong to China, Commonwealth, and dedicated French servants, etc. The time has come for Africa to take over and rebuild Africa; we as Africans must create all industries needed in Africa, produce everything in Africa, and stop all these unnecessary importations of common goods and services that can easily be made here. Our population of 1.5B globally is enough market but instead of focusing on that, we are busy going for green card and visas and feeling proud of being foreigners who are building other’s economies while Africa is broken!! Where are you, Great sons and daughters of Africa? Where are you the global African Scientists, lawyers, engineers, farmers, teachers, thinkers, athletes, bankers, and all the rest? Where are you the children of Africa at home and in the diaspora? We call on all of you to come and join the vision of the African Continental Unity Party -ACUP to rebuild and create more opportunity for Africa and once again turn Africa into a center of Global Power as it once was. Join the ACUP at Subscribe to the ACUP’s YouTube Channel for powerful educational content that transforms minds. My name is Kwadwo Agyei Yeboah and I love Africa

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