2023 Israel–Hamas war
Armed conflict
An ongoing armed conflict between Palestinian militant groups led by Hamas and Israel began on 7 October 2023, with a coordinated surprise offensive on Israel. The attack began in the morning with a barrage of at least 3,000 rockets launched from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip against Israel.

Palestine is run by terrorist groups, which do not represent Palestinians. Every genuine Palestinian leader who had emerged had been assassinated. Nobody is prepared to stand up for Palestineans any longer – guaranteed death.

Israel is run by the Khazarians (fake Jews). Khazarian “Jew” Jacob Rothchild “donated” the Israeli land to “the Jews”. (It’s hidden info that Judean Jews and Khazarian Jews are not from the same bloodline. Khazarians are of German blood.)

The Palestinians on the divided land now belonging to Israel, were moved into refugee camps (long ago) into Palestine. Palestine viewed them with suspicion and to this day has not given them citizenship. All the terrorist groups emerged from Palestine refugee camps.

Israel took the Israelite occupants back from the Palestinian side and successfully integrated them into Israel with citizenship. So no terrorists emerged from this landscape.

However, Israel has never been run by Judean Jews but is in full control of the Khazarian (Rothchild) Jews. This confusion about “Jews” has been the Khazarian secret organization’s protection.

Khazarians own all the Central Banks, Pharma Industry, Agri Industries, Food industries Military Equipment industries, all mainstream media, plus almost all government officials.

They started the League Of Nations, which became the UN and NATO, and their strongest current tentacles are WEF and WHO.

Until we can get everyone to understand KHAZARIAN HISTORY, we will all be sucked into the hatred, which means DIVIDED.

The current wars are all about keeping control of the superpower USA anyway. Trump’s popularity is a BIG threat to their US ownership, with an election coming up in 2024.

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