NPP Constituency Chairman clashes with Ken Agyapong


There was near chaos between New Patriotic Party (NPP) flagbearer aspirant Kennedy Ohene Agyapong and Constituency Chairman for Sagnarigu Alhaji Dagoma and his delegates during a meeting in Tamale Saturday.

As part of his tour of the Northern Region, the aspirant met with delegates of Sagnarigu and Tamale North constituencies in Tamale.

During the meeting, Ken Agyapong stated that the Constituency chairmen were offered GH¢100,000 each to vote during the Super Delegates Conference in August.

This allegation did not sit well with the Sagnarigu Chairman, who is noted for his frank confrontations.

He immediately asked for the mic and told the delegates gathered that the presidential aspirant was peddling outright lies.

“The man is telling lies. He is lying. I am the Chairman of the constituency. I voted in the Super Delegates Conference and nobody gave me GH¢100,000 to vote. I will not accept such lies from somebody who wants to lead this party.”

The response by the no-nonsense Chairman attracted loud applause from the delegates but prompting a few supporters of the aspirant to start casting insults at the delegates.

It was reported that tempers went so high that the elders had to intervene to calm the situation and the meeting was hurriedly concluded by the Presidential aspirant.

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