Teenage father Poisons His 10-day-old Son With Weedicide At Assin Praso


Police at Praso in the Assin North District of the Central Region have embarked on a manhunt for a father who has allegedly poisoned his ten-day-old baby with weedicide.

The suspect, Godfred Nelson, 19, an SHS 3 student, and a native of Assin Praso after crossing the River Pra bridge to impregnate his 16-year-old girlfriend at Adanse Praso instructed her to terminate the pregnancy since he was not ready to have a child.

But after exhausting all means to abort the pregnancy including drinking concoctions the girlfriend had no choice but to deliver.

The Suspect

The suspect now chose to kill the toddler with weedicide.

The grandfather of the victim, Kwaku Arkoh speaking in an interview with Rich FM News’ Kwame Owusu Asante Shadrack explained that the mother of the child, Esther Baah met her baby crying uncontrollably when she returned from the bathhouse.

She then decided to breastfeed him but observed a foamy substance in the mouth of the baby amid vomiting and also found liquid stains in the child’s clothes.

While the innocent baby was struggling to suck the breast, he was rushed to the Assin Praso Presbyterian Hospital for medical attention where it was discovered the baby had been poisoned.

The suspect, Nelson, otherwise known as Paa Akwasi upon noticing the degree of the crime he had committed escaped from the house.

Meanwhile, the mother of the suspect, Afia Tawiah who was irritated and disappointed by the actions of her son charged the police to arrest him to face the full rigors of the law.

“I cannot fathom why Paa Akwasi chose to kill this innocent baby because he was not the one taking care of the baby and his mother. I have taken all the responsibility upon myself so why poison the child? He must be arrested as soon as possible, he told Shadrack in an exclusive interview.

However, the teenage mother of the baby, Esther Baah, confessed to Shadrack Owusu Asante that, she and her boyfriend planned to kill the baby to allow them to pursue their education.

But the painstaking experience she endured during delivery made her change her mind but she didn’t know her boyfriend was still maintaining the position to kill the baby.

The victim is currently receiving treatment at the emergency unit of the Presbyterian Hospitals in Assin Praso.

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