Press Release

The Director of Educate Africa Institute (EAI) Mr. William Boadi has stated that students dying on campuses of various cycle schools is a wake-up call for the government and the Ghana Education Service to establish proper sick bays in all the secondary schools across the country to avoid the reoccurrence of these sad situations in schools.

Speaking on Plan BFM’s late afternoon show EBAANOSEN hosted by Ohene Kinnah, Mr. Boadi stressed that having a sick bay on campuses will serve as first aid to students when they fall sick and maybe transfer to a higher hospital when the need arises to save lives.

“We have categorized our schools but so sadly they don’t have the necessities to provide health care for our children, how come a category A school like Aburi Girls doesn’t have a sick bay on campus? Why must AKISS authorities deny a student an exact to seek health care treatment if there was a sick bay on campus”.

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Source: Maxwell Ohene Addo/