Advantages :

Fingerprint lock is one of the safest and most secure locks for smartphones.
No one other than you can unlock your smartphone.
Unlocks your smartphone within fractions of a second.
You don’t need to remember any PIN or password.
Disadvantages :

You can’t unlock your smartphone when your finger gets the scanner doesn’t work properly so you can face problems with it.
When you are asleep another person can unlock your smartphone using your finger ( This is the biggest disadvantage)
Who has the best barcode scanning SDK for mobile apps?
Selecting the best barcode scanning SDK for your mobile app depends on factors such as budget (see infographic), use case and other requirements. Testing the software beforehand is essential to ensure it meets your needs.

Industry Standards:

Most Barcode Scanning SDK providers offer the following features:

Fast and accurate barcode scanning, even under challenging conditions.
Support for most standard barcodes, such as UPC, EAN, Code 128, QR Code, etc.
Compatibility with various standard operating systems and development environments.
Real-time access to the extracted information.
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