In a move that has sparked outrage and disappointment among Educate Africa Institute (EAI) officials and many Ghanaians, the management of the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) has been transferred to SENTUO, a Chinese-owned oil refinery. The decision comes as a blow to the promises made by the government to effectively manage and revitalize TOR for the benefit of the Ghanaian people.

The celebratory event held at SENTUO to mark the takeover only adds insult to injury. While the Chinese-owned company may see this as a cause for celebration, many citizens are left questioning the government’s ability to prioritize the interests of its people over those of foreign entities.

TOR, once considered a national asset, was expected to play a crucial role in Ghana’s economic development by providing employment opportunities and contributing to the country’s energy security. However, the decision to hand over its management to a foreign company raises concerns about the loss of control and potential exploitation of Ghana’s resources.

Furthermore, this move raises questions about the government’s commitment to transparency and accountability. The decision to transfer TOR’s management to SENTUO appears to have been made behind closed doors, without adequate consultation with stakeholders or consideration of the long-term implications.

Ghanaians are justified in their frustration and disillusionment with the government’s handling of TOR. Instead of fulfilling its promises to effectively manage and revitalize the refinery, the government has opted to relinquish control to a foreign entity, potentially jeopardizing the interests of the country and its citizens.

As calls for accountability grow louder, it is imperative that the government addresses these concerns and reassures the public that it is acting in the best interests of Ghana and its people. Anything less would be a betrayal of the trust placed in them by the citizens they were elected to serve.

We’re concerned citizens of Ghana. Ghana first.


William Boadi
Executive Director of EAI, Educationist, Political analyst, and Social worker.

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