12th April, 2024.

NDC Women’s Organizer Advocates Economic Empowerment and Social Equity in Salaga South, Savannah Region.

Dr. Hanna Louisa Bisiw-Kotei, the National Women Organizer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), embarked on a tour in the Savannah Region, delivering a powerful message of economic reform and social justice to NDC members in Salaga South and beyond. Addressing the pressing issues faced by the community, Dr. Bisiw-Kotei outlined a vision for a brighter future under the leadership of former president John Dramani Mahama and Hon. Hajia Zuwera Mohammed Ibrahimah.

Central to Dr. Bisiw-Kotei’s address was the issue of economic hardship, exemplified by the soaring prices of basic commodities such as sugar. She highlighted the stark contrast between the affordable price of one hundred and five cedis during John Dramani Mahama’s presidency and the exorbitant cost of over seven hundred cedis under the current Nana Addo administration. This drastic increase in prices has placed a heavy burden on families, exacerbating poverty and inequality.

Moreover, Dr. Bisiw-Kotei addressed the marginalization experienced by the Muslim and Fulani communities, particularly regarding access to affordable travel for religious pilgrimage. She expressed concern that under the current administration, the once-accessible journey to Mecca has become financially prohibitive, forcing individuals to travel to Accra for flights, thereby disenfranchising these communities. Promising to rectify this injustice, she pledged to restore affordable travel options and uphold the dignity of the Fulani people.

In addition to addressing economic challenges, Dr. Bisiw-Kotei outlined the NDC’s commitment to empowering the people of Salaga South through skill training programs and financial support for entrepreneurship. She assured constituents that, if elected, the NDC administration would provide capital assistance to aspiring business owners, enabling them to establish sustainable enterprises and alleviate poverty in the community.

Education was also a key focus of Dr. Bisiw-Kotei’s agenda, as she promised scholarships for deserving students to study abroad, without discrimination. This commitment to educational opportunity reflects the NDC’s dedication to fostering human capital development and creating pathways to success for the youth of Salaga South.

Looking ahead to the upcoming election on December 7th, 2024, Dr. Bisiw-Kotei urged voters to support John Dramani Mahama for president and Hon. Hajia Zuwera Mohammed Ibrahim as their representative in Parliament. She emphasized that under their leadership, Salaga South would experience a resurgence of hope and prosperity, with tangible support for the Shea butter business and the restoration of dignity for all constituents.

Last but none, Dr. Hanna Louisa Bisiw-Kotei’s impassioned address resonated deeply with the people of Salaga South and the broader Savannah Region, offering a vision of economic empowerment and social inclusion. With promises of economic relief, educational opportunity, and respect for all communities, the NDC’s vision for Ghana is one of progress and prosperity for all.

Thank you.

Dr. Hanna Louisa Bisiw-Kotei. National Women Organizer, NDC