On your birthday, I want to use this opportunity to tell you that you have demonstrated exemplary corporate leadership as a member of Parliament for Achiase constitency in transforming Achiase constituency into a developing viable and well-run constituency. Through your vision, determination and integrity, you have engineered a remarkable turnaround in just a few short years.

Under your leadership, Achiase has transformed from an ordinary constituency to a great constituency one by developing and optimising operations in the constituency. Highly regarded by his constituents and relied upon by stakeholders, he has reinstated trust in the Achiase NPP and the constituency as a whole

Hon KAM’s impact extends beyond his constituency. He has been a valued advisor and contributor to the New Patriotic Party’s Eastern Region, generously sharing his time, insights and resources to strengthen the party’s public engagement in the region. His sharp mind, persuasive eloquence and impeccable character make him an invaluable partner of the team.

A new generation of public politicians in Achiase look up to Hon KAM because of his rare blend of political savvy and affable leadership. He has shown that Achiase constituency can be effectively managed, with transparency and dedication, under competent leadership. Hon KAM deserves the Party’s commendation and gratitude for his significant impact at Achiase constituency and his dedicated service to the NPP in the Eastern Region.
On behalf of the Osorase electorates, I wish you a happy birthday and may Jehovah Almighty grant you all your heart desires.

From the Corridors of Osorase
Hon Clement Asante
(Osorase Assembly member)