Educate Africa Institute (EAI) formerly Educate Ghana Summit (EGS) is an educational think tank body that has come to help Reinstitute Africa’s Ancient Education System for Total Liberation.

This think tank body has with Educational policy, Social justice, Advocacy, Research, and Community development focus. EAI is registered under the registrar general department with the registration number
CG084981122. EAI is self-assured to debate the government’s efforts in promoting educational policies, to promote African values.

As a voluntary organization with the sole aim of upholding the total liberation of Africa by Restoring African Values for development through a holistic ancient education system. EAI has local and international recognition and is based in Ghana. Founded on the 7th of October, 2017 by Mr. William Boadi, a renowned Educationist, Social worker, Political analyst, Author, Communication Expert, Pan-Africanist, Socialist, Author, Counselor, and a professional teacher.

Educate Africa Institute has molded a recess in Ghana’s policy environment for outlining objectives, independent analysis, and critiques on many pertinent educational and developmental issues, using tried and tested techniques that apply across different disciplines. Through effective communication skills and civil society, we are positioning national, regional, and global agendas to bridge the “citizen participation gap” in the governance process. The main policy document contains the full picture of EAI.

EAI had close to 295 media partners globally. Considering other policy think tanks, we produce high-quality and relevant research. We differentiate ourselves when it comes to media influence, especially when we consider our capacity to reach out to ordinary citizens through a wide variety of mass-circulation newspapers, the internet, and appearances on popular television and radio submissions. We have the right to say we’re the best in West Africa.
Bringing knowledge and Policy-making together by informing and, if possible, influencing the policy process is our priority. EAI conducts and recycles research that aims to solve policy problems and not solely to advance the theoretical debate.

Through research, solid holistic education policies, and dent measures, we have been able to influence many African countries to move from taxation to industrialized their economy.

In addition, EAI is a think tank of young African leaders intended to make African governments look within and manage our natural resources to set development standards for total freedom through holistic education system policies. That will help build and make Africa great and strong again for Africa is not poor.

Again, Educate Africa Institute (EAI) as a think tank, or policy institute, is a research institute that performs research and advocacy concerning our utmost topics such as education policy, social policy, political strategy, economics, military, technology, and culture.

To be the most impactful educational think tank in Africa.

Promoting Quality Education (Ignite a positive attitude toward lifelong knowledge, and empower learners to be responsible, developing educational policies, productive, think critically, ethically, morally, creatively, mentally, and socially upright for a successful future).

▪️Truth and justice.
▪️ Self-esteem.

▪️ EAI fellows are a group of individuals, who have rich experience in their respective fields and academic proficiency across various disciplines.

▪To Promote Quality Education. Advocate on Holistic Ancient Education System to help Restore African Values and resolve relevant issues that have dire effects on the future of our school children and the youth to foster growth and development in Africa.

▪To create a knowledge-sharing platform that focuses on research, capacity building, and attitudinal change to benefit African youth.

Kindly join us to make an impact before we depart.

Contact The Executive Director or The Administrator for a pep-talk and fill out a membership form. The membership registration fee is Ghc200. If you are not committed to working with EAI, kindly follow us on social media. Thank you.


(Founder/Executive Director) +233541935106.
▪️Gregory Diaw Addae, Administrator +233542768660.
▪️Anthony Cobbina, Director of Education and Guidance & Counseling.
▪️Agyabeng Mensah
▪️Matey Wisdom, Deputy Director of Programs.
▪️Mabel Tsalie, Welfare Officer.
▪️Nana Adjei Sikapa (Director of Technology and website)
▪️Mackeevan Asamoah Djan, Country Director, UK.
▪️Atumowe Charles,


  1. Regina Akosua Amenyenu.
  2. Isaac Kwaku Mensah.

▪️The sector for Quality Education and Policy development.
▪️The sector for Capacity building and Community development.
▪️The sector for Innovation, Science and Technology.
▪️The sector for Research, Data Analysis, and Policy development.

Each of the sectors undertakes research work advocacy within their respective sectors.



The Educate Africa Institute (EAI) launched and began the most outstanding ATTITUDINAL CHANGE SEMINAR on the 4th of June, 2019 at Asesewa the district Capital Town of Upper Manya Krobo District, Eastern Region and it was proudly sponsored by Upper Manya Klo Rural Bank.

The purpose of running the Attitudinal Change Seminars is to facilitate positive behavior, enhance interpersonal relationships, promote healthier work practices, and enforce a social functioning environment These seminars provide a platform to address and challenge negative attitudes, fostering personal and collective growth. It can contribute to improved communication, teamwork, and overall well-being by encouraging individuals to adopt more constructive attitudes.

Below are the ACS records.
▪️2nd Edition; 21st of March, 2023 Tuesday exactly 10:30 am at Gyakiti Presby Basic School, in the Eastern Region. Our country director Mackeevan Asamoah Djan donated educational items that day to mark his birthday celebration.

✅The EAI officers that represented:

  1. Mr. Mackeevan Asamoah Djan, Country Director, UK.
  2. Mr. Gregory Diaw Addae, Administrator.
  3. Mr. Anthony Cobbinah, Dir. Guidance and Counseling. and
  4. Mr. William Boadi, Executive Director.

▪️3rd Edition; 13th June 2023 exactly 9:20 am at Kwahu East District, Eastern Region.

✅The EAI officers that represented:

  1. Mr. Matey Wisdom, Deputy Director of the Programs.

▪️4th Edition; 6th December 2023 Wednesday at exactly 10 AM at Gyakiti Presby School. Mackeevan Asamoah Djan, our country director fulfilled his cash prize award to the best BECE candidates. The awardees are Mathew Abaya and Ahiadzi Evor Nora.

✅The EAI officers that represented:

  1. Mr. William Boadi, Executive Director.

▪️5th Edition; 8th December 2023 Friday happened at Nsawam Prisons. We donated food items, a sachet of water, and Mabietone Showergel. We encourage the inmates to be positive and bear in mind that all is not lost. Their reaction to the message encouraged us to do more.

✅The EAI officers that represented:

  1. Mis. Mabel Tsalie, Welfare Officer and
  2. Mr. William Boadi, Executive Director.

▪️6th Edition; 10th of December, 2023 Sunday at The Church of the Living God at Korle-Gonno, Greater Accra Region, Accra.

✅The EAI officers that represented:

  1. Mis. Mabel Tsalie, Welfare Officer, 2. Mr. Gregory Diaw Addae, Administrator, and 3. Mr. William Boadi, Executive Director.

The most recent and final edition of the year is 2023.
▪️7th Edition: 15th December, 2023 exactly 11:30 am at Countryside Orphanage Basic School Awutu Bawjiase in the Eastern Region.

✅The EAI officers that represented:

  1. Mr. Gregory Diaw Addae, Administrator.
  2. Ms. Amenyenu Akosua Regina, EAI’s Volunteer.

Theme: Attitude Is Everything.

Kudos to everyone. Your enthusiastic efforts have made EAI an outstanding educational think-tank body. Let’s keep competing with ourselves and focus on impact-making for this and the next generation.

Besides, let us call on the general public, the World Bank, the UN, USAID, UKAID, NGOs, Government agencies, Individuals, etc to sponsor or partner with us to execute this impactful and generational agenda in the coming years. EAI will continue to improve the advocacy and media engagement aside from the ongoing seminars.

Once again, EAI appreciates your efforts. We are one people. Ghana first.


William Boadi
Executive Director, Educationist, Political Analyst, and Social Worker.

Gregory Diaw Addae.

Promoting Quality Education.